Swirl Launcher

Why use Swirl?

Swirl Launcher icon

Swirl makes it easier, faster and more fun to find and launch your apps.

It is perfect for a tiny screen like that of your smartwatch.

A dynamic wheel swirls every app to the top, where you can easily see and touch it.

On Wear OS

You can now run the Swirl App Launcher on your Wear OS smartwatch!

Get it on Google Play

On Samsung Gear

Install it on your Tizen based Gear watches:

Galaxy Apps

NB: To follow this link you need to have Galaxy Apps installed on your mobile phone.

See Swirl in action

Watch a video showing the Swirl App Launcher on the LG Watch Sport:

Or watch Swirling on the Samsung Gear S3:

More details

How it works:

  • The app icons expand as they approach the focus area at the top of the screen and shrink again when receding from it.
  • The name of the app currently in focus is shown lower down at the centre of the Swirl.
  • New apps enter the Swirl discreetly at the bottom.
  • Once every app has passed through focus, the Swirl repeats.

How to Swirl on a touch screen:

  • Watch the swirling apps
  • Tap an app to launch
  • Swipe down or tap the back button to return to the Swirl
  • Swipe a curve on the Swirl to turn it to a new angle
  • Fling the Swirl to send it swirling again
  • Better not try and hit a fast moving app. Rather stop, place, tap:
  • – touch-and-hold to stop the swirling
  • – swipe a curve to place the target well
  • – lift, then tap the target
  • A fast moving app will stop swirling instead of launch when tapped

Swirl App Launcher Widget

[Tizen only] A widget is included to simply launch the Launcher.

  • From the watch face, scroll clockwise to the “+” screen at the end and tap to add a widget.
  • Scroll to the “Launcher” and tap to put it on the widget board.
  • Newly added widgets appear at the end of the board. They can be moved to any desired positon using long-press for edit mode, and another long-press to allow dragging.
  • See the video for a demonstration of moving the “App shortcuts” widget.


Swirl interaction hints

  • Curved swiping can be extended to cover multiple rotations around the center of the Swirl.
  • When swirling really fast, look at the smaller icons to anticipate the opportunity to grab the app.
  • [Tizen] If swiping down gives unsatisfactory results, press the watch’s (upper) back button instead.
  • [Tizen] The bezel can be used to change the swirling pace. Slow down the Swirl before tapping.

User feedback

  • Please send feedback and queries regarding to the Launcher app to support.
  • Suggestions for new features will be added to the Launcher wish list and carefully considered for inclusion.
  • Due to our preference for simplicity, we do not guarantee that any particular feature request will be implemented.
  • Bug fixes will be prioritized.

Known issue

  • Interaction following an initial touch in the top 15% (Tizen) or left 10% (Wear OS) of the screen is ignored, due to a clash with the frameworks’ implementation of the back gesture. While not ideal, this is not as bad as it may seem. You can still swipe through this area, just do not start there.

Legal stuff

  • Patents have been issued on aspects of Swirl interaction. Please direct any queries to licensing.